Satay Ria – the exotic satay Malaysian restaurant which caters to local taste buds with an Indonesian Originated dish. Satay is a food cuisine dish that originates from Java, Indonesia. It is widely available throughout Indonesia and has also become the national dish of the country.

It is also well recognized and applauded in Southeast Asia which includes Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines along with Suriname and Netherlands due to the fact that Indonesia was once a Dutch colony.

Satay Ria is not just any ordinary restaurant, it stands for the purpose of serving the local taste with one of the most exotic satay food cuisines. Being a Malaysian Chinese Restaurant, Satay manages to offer you with a wide variety of dishes. Serving our valued customers with the most scrumptious dine in and take away food service is the core agenda. Hygiene and use of high quality ingredients are what Satay Ria breeds on. Customer complete the Satay Ria family, it is our responsibility to take care of the products and service we deliver. Service quality has been inherently aligned with the prestige of Satay.

Satay is a dish that is made of grilled, seasoned and skewered meat with a sauce. It may be of sliced chicken, mutton, beef, pork, goat, fish, tofu and other meats. The more authentic editions use skewers from coconut palm frond whereas bamboo skewers are used most often. The dish has its meat bar be cued or grilled over charcoal or wood lit fire and then served with different types of spicy seasonings. Turmeric is the base ingredient used for marinating the meat for Satay. The dish tends to get its proud yellow color from turmeric. Satay food at Satay Ria has been prepared in a way which matches our local cultures, beliefs and the tastes of our valued customers. Along with Satay there are also many other dishes that you can choose from. Satay Ria’s menu is full of delicious and fresh dishes that you can try and experience new tastes, altering the scope of your choice in food.


Satay Ria has managed to gain recognition and a huge fan following in many different parts of the world. With increased international travel and exposure people have become more open to adopting other countries’ cuisines and dishes. Satay is liked by people of many countries even those that are not close neighbors of Indonesia. People in different countries often modify the recipe according to their culture, taste and religious belief to the famous Satay food. Thus Satay Ria serves the local taste buds in the most exotic version of satay that have been aligned to customer preferences.


Food being an integral part of human lives also manages to bring people closer. Satay Ria strives towards its goal with the same approach. We at Satay Ria aim to make customers a part of our family by keeping them satisfied and gaining their loyalty. Food has the power to bring people together, thus Satay Ria tries to bridge the gap between people, cultures and countries through cuisine integration and modifications.

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