Satay is part of a malaysian chinese food cuisine that has originated from Java, Indonesia. It has been recognized as the national food of Indonesia and is widely available throughout the country. It is also well recognized and applauded in Southeast Asia which includes Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines along with Suriname and Netherlands due to the fact that Indonesia was once a Dutch colony.

Satay is known to be inspired by Kebab, widely famous in the Arab and Middle Eastern Traditions along with regions that coincide. After the influx of immigrants in Java especially of Arab origins Satay started to be made and that is when it got famous. Arabs have great inclination towards the consumption of kebab and Satay food was considered a similar dish which could have been made with many different meats.

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Satay is a dish that is made of grilled, seasoned and skewered meat with a sauce. It may be of sliced chicken, mutton, beef, pork, goat, fish, tofu and other meats. The more authentic editions use skewers from coconut palm frond whereas bamboo skewers are used most often. The dish has its meat bar be cued or grilled over charcoal or wood lit fire and then served with different types of spicy seasonings.

Turmeric is the base ingredient used for marinating the meat for satay. The dish tends to get its proud yellow color from turmeric. Satay is served with peanut sauce or gravy along with onions, cucumber and rice cakes. Meats such as pork when used in Satay are served with Pineapple Satay sauce with cucumber.


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