Trust me when I say that if you love just tucking into a great Chinese then Malaysian food is right up your street.

If you fancy giving Malaysian a try, then you will be delighted to hear that Malaysian is a try something fresh cuisine.  However, what have you got to look forward to?  Well, Malaysian food is a powerful reflection of the diversity of this nation itself, with many dishes owing their origins to Malaysia’s Indian, Chinese and Malay communities.  However, for Chinese food lovers, in particular, there is a good deal about Malaysian food to shout about!  As whilst Malaysian dishes will proudly inject their own twist to doubt, many options on the menu in the regional Malaysian takeaway are perfectly suited for anybody who is already a Chinese takeaway enthusiast!

Still, do not believe me?  Then check out these brilliant Malaysian dishes which are the ideal options to your trusty old Chinese classics.

Popiah Rolls

Perfect if you are already in love with: Spring Rolls

Malaysian popiah rolls are like burritos on a diet.  They are not as eloquent as spring rolls, but they do have a beautiful bit of girth to them since the thin rolls are packed to the brim with a tantalizing mixture of beef, veg, as well as rice.

Eat like a local, however, and dip them in a beautiful bean sauce!

Assam Laksa

Perfect if you are already in love with: Chicken noodle soup

Assam Laksa is a basic Malaysian starter soup that is renowned for its hot and sour undertones.  This is the best appetizer since the mackerel and noodles are soaked in an intriguing mixture of tamarind, chili, mint, and lemongrass.  This dish will surely bowl you over in an explosion of flavor!


Mee Goreng

Perfect if you are already in love with: Chicken chow mein

Mee Goreng has been brought to Malaysia by Chinese immigrants, so it is not surprising that there’s loads of the dish to please chow mein fans.  Trust me when I say that Mee Goreng has got it all; thin noodles, delicious chunky cuts of yummy chicken, along with a healthy dollop of fresh veg.

Just watch out though, because this Malaysian favorite is a damn sight wracking than its Chinese cousin!


Nasi Lemak

Perfect if you are already in love with Egg fried rice

If you are sick of noodles, but you’re looking for something a bit easier on the eye than an egg fried rice, then you can not go wrong with Malaysia’s national dish — the nasi lemak.

Now I am not brave enough to step into the whole “is nasi lemak a breakfast or a noodle dish?”  A debate, but I do know that the combination of roasted peanuts, egg, cucumber, spicy sambal sauce and coconut fragrant rice stinks that old egg fried rice directly from the water!


Sambal Udang

Perfect if you are already in love with: Shrimp chop suey

Sambal udang is a very simple dish that delivers a good deal of taste!

A juicy king prawn is drizzled in a fiery sambal sauce comprised of fresh garlic, shrimp paste, lemon grass, shallots and loads of strong chilies.  Then, this intriguing mix is stir-fried to lock-in the tastes for an unbeatable consequence of fire and freshness.

See?  There are loads of Malaysian dishes prepared and waiting for you to sink your teeth into!  And remember, Satay Ria Malaysian Chinese restaurant Fortitude Valley serving authentic Malaysian Chinese food and Chinese takeaway Brisbane.  Satay Ria has two branches, Satay Ria Malaysian Chinese Restaurant Fortitude Valley — 165 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006 and Satay Ria Malaysian Chinese Restaurant Cannon Hill — Store 8 Cannon Central 1145 Wynnum Rd, Cannon Hill, QLD 4170, offering a bewildering variety of Malaysian Chinese Seafood there is really nothing holding you back from breaking out of your culinary comfort zone, providing Chinese a miss for a change, and giving Malaysian a whirl instead.