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Our signatured satay skewers are really to-die-for Offering a true culinary experience!

Things to know about Malaysian Food


Malaysia is the residence of several ethnic groups discovered its origins in the colonial period where hundreds and thousands of immigrants who come here to locate an honest living in the nation wealthy. Many Chinese immigrants who worked in mining and the Indians set along the rubber plantations brought with them their culture remember the rich culinary tradition. Culture to go along nicely with their cooking where uncommon conventional assembly typical accompanied with another mouthwatering cuisine, which becomes Malaysian food recipes.

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Malaysian Food History


Malaysian food history and culture is a voluptuous multitude of mixed cultures and races all of whom have brought their national dishes and foods to the coasts of Malaysia practically since the beginning of history.

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The Fortitude Valley has additionally been known because of its artwork and cutting-edge culture, supporting cultural facilities such as the Judith Wright Centre and Visible Ink and nurturing young designers and artist including Maiocchi. And before this, in the 1900’s, The Valley was known because of its assortment of material drapery stores, beginning its long tradition with the layout, fashion, and clothes.

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2015 Awards for Excellence

awards of excellence 2015

Restaurant & Catering Australia (R&CA) Awards for Excellence program awarding those restaurants and caterers that succeeded in their field. The Savour Australia HOSTPLUS Awards for Excellence is recognized nationwide, independently judge awards program which acknowledges excellent service and culinary expertise throughout Australia. It provides direct exposure for hospitality businesses, an opportunity to network with key suppliers and appreciates the accomplishments of hospitality staff.

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2015 QLD Malaysian Restaurant


The Best Malaysian Restaurant 2015

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We did it again! Satay Ria won two awards for 2015 Queensland Malaysian Restaurant at the 2015 Savour Australia Restaurant & Catering Awards for Excellence.

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Satay Ria Chinese New Year Chinese


Chinese New Year at Satay Ria